6 makeup tricks to ensure you look great on camera

Welcome to the age of the selfie and Instagram. These days our photo’s are turning up everywhere so we need to make sure we are prepared and always look our best. Here are my makeups tips so you can always be camera ready.


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Powder your t-zone. Shine makes you look greasy, this is not a good look. Don’t confuse dewy with oily, dewy is light reflective skin, oily just looks sweaty. Use a translucent powder and a powder puff to set your foundation before you are photographed. I love Ben Nye’s powders but there are tonnes of good ones on the market. http://hubmakeup.com/product.php?productid=18066&cat=403&page=1

Match your foundation to your chest, not your neck. This is the most common mistake I see that even some makeup artists get wrong. You want to ensure you look even in photos. Often our faces are whiter than our chest because we wear sunscreen on our face or use fake tan on our bodies so it is important to correct the colour variation. Leaving your face lighter will make you look pale or create the dreaded floating head look.

Wear blush – don’t be afraid of blush or think that bronzer only will do the trick. You will look washed out without blush. Blush brightens your complexion and helps create a glowing look. My favourite blushes that I use most are Deep Throat (pink) by Nars, Luster (golden) by Nars and Stila Convertible cream blushes in peony, gerbera and gladiola. http://www.meccacosmetica.com.au/shop/Nars/Blush/

Wear lipgloss -Lipgloss helps draw attention to your lips and makes them look bigger. Don’t skip the lipstick as the lipstick will give you more colour than the gloss alone, you need both for the perfect kissable pout. My absolute favourite gloss ever is Chihuahua by Nars, it is the perfect nude, peachy lipgloss.

Don’t use black eyeliner on the bottom inner rim of your eyes. If you have small eyes this will only make your eyes look smaller. Try a nude eyeliner instead to enlarge and brighten the eyes, it make the whites clearer. I like Benefits Eye Bright. Mature women take note too much eyeliner and eyeshadow under the eyes can age you as it draws the eye down. We want to focus on lifting the eyes not dragging them down. http://www.benefitcosmetics.com/product/view/eye-bright

Fill in your brows – the brows frame the eyes so don’t forget about them. In photos the gaps really show up and make our brows look sparse so take a leaf out of Cara Delevingne’s book and fill them in. I tend to use hourglass brow pencils but Benefit make cute little brow kits with everything you need to shape your brows. http://www.benefitcosmetics.com/product/view/brow-zings

Remember if you have a really important event you can book me to come and do your hair and makeup, I’ll make sure you look picture perfect.


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  1. Pure Poppet

    So many fantastic tips and tricks. I always put a matte foundation on whenever I am going to have my photographs taken to avoid a high sheen. Thank you for sharing.


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