How to achieve your ideal hairstyle for your wedding.

We all want to look perfect for our wedding day and that is why you book us to do your wedding hair and makeup. But there are probably many things you haven’t even considered regarding how to achieve your perfect hairstyle. Don’t worry though because we have covered everything you need to know so read on to get the hairstyle of your dreams!


Choose hair inspiration photos that have a similar colour to your own:

When planning your hairstyle keep in mind your hair colour and type when choosing your inspiration photos. If you are a brunette try and choose hairstyles pictured on a brunette. As you would have noticed most styles you see on pinterest are of blondes and that’s because blonde hair photographs better and dyed blonde hair is much easier to style.

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Don’t worry you don’t have to go and drastically change your hair colour! Just be mindful of choosing a style that will suit you and your hair type because the inspiration style could look quite different on you.

That being said if you do not dye your hair at all then we certainly recommend a subtle colour or balayage. It really adds depth to your style (not just for your wedding but in general) and it does make it easier to create style of your dreams as hair that hasn’t been dyed often does not hold curl or volume.,13857

Factor in your location, weather and time of year

If your hair doesn’t hold curl or  you are getting married outside or having photos in an outdoor windy location don’t opt for your hair all out no matter how much you love the look of the style. We love hair out too but we have to be realistic and practical regarding the longevity of your hairstyle. We want you to look good 12 hours after getting your hair done!

Perhaps choose a style that is mostly out but is softly pinned back around your face so your hair doesn’t drop around the front or get blown into your face when you are saying the all important “I do.”

Consider your dress:

Try and choose a style that works with the dress. We will give you more advice on this at the trial but until then questions to consider are:

Does the dress hair a high neck line or low back? If so perhaps choose an updo to show off the dress.

Is your dress classic or bohemian? We don’t expect you to look themed but it is nice for your hairstyle to compliment your dress. For example, consider a soft, relaxed style for your hair if your dress is bohemian and relaxed or opt for something more structured if your dress is more classic.

Get your hair cut

The most common mistake people make when getting ready for their wedding is they don’t get their hair cut and they grow it all to one length. This can have a negative impact on your hair style as your hair will lack shape and movement.

If you want a soft side swept fringe, then please get layers around your face starting around your mouth/jaw line.

If you want your hair out then please cut off all the dead, thin ends.

Don’t forget to consider getting your hair coloured if you don’t already. It can soften your features, compliment your complexion, improve the appearance of your hairstyle in photos and in the flesh.

Consider Clip in Extensions

If your heart is set on having your hair down and it doesn’t hold well, purchase clip in extensions to help maintain the style and start dying your hair lighter as the use of bleach does help the texture or the hair when styling.

We recommend our brides purchase clip in extensions from Glamor Sisters in Bankstown. If you are not from the area, it is definitely worth the journey. It is well known in the industry for great, affordable clip in extensions. In fact, a lot of hair stylists source their hair extensions from there and then charge you triple the amount in their own salon. Expect to pay around $80 for a packet as opposed to $250-$300 which is what you will pay in the city.

Tip – please take them to your hair dresser and have them cut to your preferred length ahead of the trial as they will need a proper cut to compliment your current hair cut. If you are having an updo they don’t need to be cut.

If you have bob length hair and want an updo, extensions can also be useful to give you more options regarding your hairstyle. Again choose the clip ins rather than permanent extensions that are expensive, can damage the hair and can limit your styling options.

Prepping for your hair trial and wedding day:

Consider all of the above before your trial.

Get your cut and colour done two weeks prior.

Arrive with clean, dry hair. Oily hair is very hard to style as it often sits very flat on the scalp. Please double shampoo your hair to ensure it really clean. We can discuss hair products with you at the trial but we do suggest using salon quality shampoo and conditioner leading up to the trial and wedding. Please do not use leave in conditioner or oil as it makes the hair too slippery to style and can decrease the longevity of the style.

Bring photos of hairstyles you like, showing both the front and back of the style. Try and choose photos with a similar cut and colour to your own hair.

Bring your hair extensions with you to your trial.

Bring your veil and hair accessories so we can ensure the hairstyle will work with your accessories.

Where to go for your cut and colour?

If you don’t have a salon that you like we go to:

Eastern suburbs:

Inner West:

Courtney at FMK Haberfield, 70 Dalhousie St, Haberfield, 02 9799 1857

I hope you have found this helpful and we look forward to being a part of your wedding day,

Gem x

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