Celebrity red carpet hairstyles you just have to try

Forget buying a new pair of shoes for your next event, ensure all eyes are on your head not your feet by getting your hair done. There are so many beautiful hairstyles being worn on the red carpet at the moment so I have put together a collection of my favourite styles for you to try. Remember these styles are popular because they are beautiful, timeless and flattering. No hairstyle looks the same on two people so despite being popular styles you will definitely look unique. I have given several examples of each style to illustrate how different they can look (images sourced from pinterest unless stated otherwise).

There are plenty of hair tutorials on pinterest and youtube but if it seems to hard just book us instead in two hours we’ll do your hair and makeup and ensure you look red carpet ready.



Hollywood Glam Waves this style is all over the red carpet at the moment, it is so glamorous, you will definitely make a statement with this hair.

Remember you will need layers, hair should not be longer than your waist and extensions are recommended to make sure the hair is thick and full. Not recommended on a wet, windy day!







The more relaxed version if you don’t want to be too polished and you feel like being sexy “Beach Waves”






“The Textured Fishtail Braid” Braids are very popular at the moment but I think the fishtail deserves a mention because its messiness makes it edgy and contemporary. Remember the bigger the better so get clip on extensions if you can


image from http://www.bellasugar.com



Image from http://www.hairromance.com

My personal favourite when your hair needs to go up “the soft, romantic bun with curls

soft bun with curls

soft bun with curls.jpg 2

soft romantuc bun with curls

A less formal version would be “The Messy Bun

messy bun



messy bun.jpg 2

“The Neat Chignon” So many different buns! This style is making a huge comeback this year, polished is in.

neat chignon 2




“The Classic Ponytail” Sleek and simple, what more could you want. Perfect for a spring event.

Extensions should be used to create a volumes ponytail.



pony 1

> on May 11, 2012 in London, England.

High, Textured front” This style is all about the front and can be worn differently at the back depending on what you feel like. It suits many face shapes and is popular amongst celebrities and the fashion crowd. It’s formal as it is off the face yet still contemporary and fun.

textured bun with height

textured bun with height.jpg 2

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