The Secret to Full and Flirty Lashes

The 60’s are back, well at least the big lashes from the 60’s are making a comeback. You don’t need to apply fiddly fake lashes to get the look. Read on to learn how to apply your mascara properly


Belinda this is for you, enjoy!

Curl your lashes first.
Invest in a good lash curler, Japanese ones are the best, like Shu uemura. You will need to replace it once the rubber pads wear out.
Don’t waste your time with the heated curlers, they are a gimmick in my opinion!

Choose the right mascara:
Long, thin lashes need a volumising mascara such as Dior Show or Lancome Hypnose.
Short lashes need a mascara with a small wand like the Kevyn Aucoin Mascara.
Ultimately for me it’s all about the brush so choose one that works for you.

A good cheap and cheerful mascara is Maybelline Turbo lash or Falsies. But I think their famous green and pink mascara is seriously overrated! Remember waterproof mascara is not good for your eyes or lashes.

Apply your mascara from underneath the lash and wiggle the mascara wand in a zig zag motion (zig-zag-up) whilst pressing firmly against the lashes. Yes I know it sounds weird but there is method to my madness. By doing the zig zag motion against the base of the lash whilst pushing up you will make the lashes appear much thicker as you are placing the mascara at the base of the lash, not just the ends.
Additionally, so you don’t get the mascara all over your eye lids, you’ll need to look down and tilt your head back. I promise you it’s worth it as you’ll have lashes like a screen starlet.

For really big lashes apply a second coat, I always do.

If you have any clumps comb them through with a lash comb (looks like a mascara wand, you can find them at makeup shops and chemists).

Remember mascara on the bottom lashes can be ageing as it draws the eyes down. Also when applied to the bottom lashes it can often smudge under the eyes, creating the undesirable panda effect.

The final step, my favourite step to full, flirty lashes:
Use either a waterproof black pencil liner or a gel liner (I love mac fluid line) and place the black under your top lashes, on the waterline (top inner rim). I know it feels weird and tickles but push through, you’ll get used to it and more importantly this subtly lines the eyes and creates thicker looking lashes.

My pro tips:
Mascara has a shelf life of three months, it breeds bacteria so throw it out if it is old and never share your mascara with a friend. Additionally, after around three months too much air gets in and they dry out (so don’t pump your mascara, you are only drying it out quicker).
Try using a purple mascara to brighten your eyes. Surprisingly purple mascara looks subtle when it is on. My favourite is the By Terry Purple Terrybly Mascara. Chanel also make an amazing Burgundy Mascara.

Tips to delicately removing your mascara:
Try an oil and waterbased makeup remover every night. The oil will help condition the lashes. I like the Garnier Clean Sensitive Gentle Makeup Remover. Poor the solution on a cotton pad and then gently press the pad on the lashes and hold for a few seconds before you wipe gently. Do not rub furiously at your lashes/eye lids, we don’t want to encourage the aging process, the skin is very delicate around the eye area!

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