The Return of Colour – Top Trends from New York, Milan and London Fashion Week 2018

The Return of Colour – Top Trends from New York and London Fashion Week 2018


The last few years in beauty we have seen clean, fresh and earthy trends with minimum colour and fuss so it was great see lots of colour and texture at the 2018 New York and London Fashion weeks! From deep jewel toned hair colouring to bright facial glitter, these new trends have my creative juices flowing and I can’t wait to discuss the new looks which are sure to stick around.




Bright colours and daring designs, statement makeup is very much on trend. Here are our top trends:

Coloured Eyeliner


In both New York, Milan and London, eyeliner in every shade of the rainbow was apparent. From turquoise blue to bright orange – the sky is your limit! Mixing multiple shades was also a key look at the fashion weeks, with models often wearing two or more colours. Metallic and glitter eyeliners were a popular choice too. Are you brave enough to rock this look?

My favourite colour is this turquoise blue featured in Missoni’s show.

Image from


Facial Glitter


The return of colour made its way into another beauty trend on the runways this year – facial glitter. Inspired by the growing festival trend, this style takes highlighter to a whole new level. Models were seen showcasing facial glitter on cheekbones and foreheads in a variety of shades – from more subtle metallics to bright colours. We love this trend, so romantic and fun!

Image from Vogue

Glam Punk


It’s time to get excited because the 80’s glam punk is back! Particularly at London fashion week. This adds to the return of colour as bright lolly pinks and bold reds are used for blush and lipstick. Combined with pale shades of foundation and thick, black mascara, here is a retro look which isn’t going anywhere

Image of the Jason Lloyd Evans 2018 show  sourced from




The return of colour isn’t just for makeup, the hair at the London and New York Fashion Weeks was vibrant too. From complex braids, complete with coloured ribboning, to unusual dyes – hair has had a makeover!

Coloured hair dye


Hair dye doesn’t need to be subtle and this year’s Fashion Weeks showed that. Marc Jacobs embraced the return of colour with many models hair being dyed bold tones – from green to deep purple. The almost ombre effect achieved by the multi-toned dye is a sight to behold. Would you go blue?


Image of Marc Jacobs Runway show from Elle



Another easy way to incorporate colour and life into a hairstyle, is with accessories. The New York and London Fashion Weeks did just that – headbands galore! From dainty 1920’s style pearls to chunky 1980’s style bands, the options seem endless. With bright colours being chosen for these accessories, this trend seems to fit with the overall theme of colour.


Leather hand bands in the Tom Ford Show image from


The New York and London Fashion Weeks are always a great chance to see which new trends are making their way towards us. While we might be a little hesitant to recommend facial glitter to our clie there is plenty we can learn from these looks. The return of colour is good news for all beauty and hair lovers, lets embrace the fun which these vibrant styles bring. From incorporating hair accessories into an outfit to trying out some colourful eyeliner, we can’t wait to experiment with the new looks of 2018.


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