A beauty checklist to help you prepare for your big day

      Make sure you are ready for the big day! Here are some useful tips to ensure you are prepare. Being well prepared means you will look your absolute best for your wedding and save valuable time on the day.

      Beauty tips

      How to prepare your skin for makeup on the wedding day

      Exfoliate your skin the morning of the event. It is important to remove dead skin as foundation does not sit well on dry, dead skin.

      Apply eye cream and a moisturiser (without SPF in it).

      Do not have any facial waxing within 5 days of the event. Your foundation will not sit properly if the skin is freshly waxed and you may develop a rash from the wax.

      Don’t try any new products or have a new facial treatment the week of your event. We don’t want to risk allergic reactions.

      Bring your pressed powder and a few lipstick options to use for touch-ups. You can also purchase these from us on the day.

      Remember to notify us two weeks in advance if you have any allergies to cosmetics or specific ingredients. This gives us enough time to prepare and research. This is very important!

      Do I need facials leading up to the wedding?

      If you are looking for an excuse to pamper yourself then I think your wedding is the perfect reason to spoil yourself and see your skin glow!
      If your budget allows it once a month leading up the wedding is a great way to improve skin tone and texture.


      Hydrated skin is the key to a youthful appearance and long lasting makeup that doesn't sink into the skin and go cakey. I am a big fan of Ella Bache's hydra cellular renewal facial treatment.


      If like me, you suffer from congestion and breakouts then you have to try the Glowing Skin Pack or Acne Free Pack from Laser Clinics Australia. My only regret is that I didn’t find this place sooner. Thanks to my regular dermabrasions and peels, for the first time in my life I am confident in public without foundation on.


      If you simply want a relaxing day spa experience then head to one of Endota's Day Spas for an affordable and relaxing facial. Their organic infusion facial is sure to calm those pre-wedding jitters.

      Ultimate anti ageing.

      Not for the faint hearted but skin needling does it give great results! Think younger, smoother and clearer skin. SBCM does my skin needling, Laser Clinic and other medi spa's offer it too.

      Do I need a spray tan for the wedding?

      It is up to you but our recommendation is yes.
      We recommend spray tans as they act as a foundation for the body and even out your skin tone. If you are fair toned you can get a light one so you don't look really tanned but it will help to even out and cover up any skin imperfections. As much as we would love to we cannot put foundation on your arms as even waterproof makeup transfers when rubbed and so your arm makeup will rub onto your dress hence why a natural spray tan is a better option.

      If you haven't had a tan before get a trial to check you like the colour. Our favourite tanning salon is Bronzelicious in Neutral Bay.

      Hair tips

      How to prep your hair the day before the wedding

      Wash your hair the night before the wedding.
      If you prefer you can also wash it on the day itself but please ensure it is dry and ready for us to style.
      We cannot work on dirty hair!
      Shampoo twice and then condition once. Use a salon shampoo and conditioner.

      Do not not use a leave in conditioner or oil (unless you have afro tight curls that you want to leave curly).

      If you have really curly hair blow dry it smooth the day before. We'll smooth it out again on the day but doing it twice really helps minimise frizz and maximise longevity.

      Do not use straightening tongs unless you have very coarse, tights curls. If hair is straightened, we cannot put the volume back into it.

      Do wear a loose, button up or zip up top so you don’t ruin your hairstyle when you get changed. No woollen fabric or hoodies as they rub on the hair.

      Should I grow out my hair or get it cut before the wedding?

      The most common mistake people make when getting ready for their wedding is growing out their hair and skipping the hair cut! Dead, split ends do nothing positive for any hairstyle.

      If you would like your hair out or half up half down then please get your ends trimmed so your hair is healthy and smooth as split ends only make the hair look thin and frizzy at the ends.

      If you want a soft side swept fringe, then please get layers around your face starting around your mouth/jaw line.

      If you would like your hair out in curls and your hair is all one length then layers are recommended to help ensure the curls last. If your hair is thick, heavy and one length the bulk of your hair will weigh down your curls causing them to drop.

      Do I need hair extensions?

      If your heart is set on having your hair down but it doesn’t hold well – purchase clip in extensions to help maintain the style.

      If your hair is fine or not very long and you would like a full bun/updo then clip in extensions are recommended.
      Most of the inspiration images we are given use hair extensions to make the style achievable. No one will be able to tell you have them in, it will be our secret!

      If you are having your hair out take the extensions to your hair dresser and have them cut to your preferred length so they blend in naturally with your hair length.

      If you are having an up-do then they don’t need to be cut.
      Choose clip ins rather than permanent extensions. Clips ins can be moved them around to suit the hairstyle you have chosen unlike tapes etc.

      We have Zala colour wheels so that we can colour match you at the trial. After extensive research we recommend Zala extensions because they are great quality and very reasonably priced. We are happy to order them in for you, we do not make a profit from hair extensions, this is purely about helping you achieve your dream style.