Our Team

Gemma Nichols Hair and Makeup is an elite group of talented artists who are experts in our field.

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Our focus in always on making you happy.

Our team loves weddings because we are able to use our exceptional talent to bring real joy to people on a special day of their lives. It is here that our genuine and bubbly presence shines. What makes the bridal service offered by us so superior is the attentive service and skilled artistry.

Leading up to the day we share our knowledge and helpful tips that we have accumulated from our 15 years in the beauty wedding industry to ensure the whole wedding planning process and day itself exceeds all your expectations.

On the day itself our highly experienced and skilled artistry combined with our team’s friendly and thoughtful approach when working with the bridal party results is flawless hair and makeup that transitions well from real life to the wedding photos. A calm and relaxed bridal party walks away feeling beautiful and confident after a fun morning getting pampered.

Our carefully selected creative team all have a decade or two of experience in the beauty industry. We are all passionate and dedicated to our craft continually striving to stay on top of the trends and latest techniques.

Our team of artists offer hair and makeup for both commercial purposes, such as television commercials and photoshoots as well catering for private clients through wedding and special occasion services and makeup lessons.

Weddings are certainly what we known for, our achievements in the bridal industry include being awarded Best Wedding Makeup Artists in Australia & NSW by The Australian Bridal Industry Award, Best Wedding Hair Stylists in NSW and Elle Magazine also named us one of the top 6 bridal artists in Sydney.

Our Founder

Her broad range of experience and exceptional team make her a leading name in Sydney’s bridal beauty industry.

Gemma Nichols makeup artist

Gemma is often described by her clients as kind, considerate and genuine.

This is evident not only in her career choice to empower women and nurture her creative team but also in her hobbies. Gem is an animal lover, with three fur children and dreams of one day having her own rescue shelter.

Gem fell in love with art and makeup early on in high school when she'd make up her friends for school formals. 20 years later and she is still as in love with her craft, only now with much more professional experience and talent.

Gemma’s outstanding skills as a makeup artist and professional are only matched by her delightful character. Her focus is always on making people see the best in themselves and she approaches her craft with a fun and thoughtful manner.

Her broad range of experience and exceptional team make her a leading name in Sydney’s beauty industry.

A summary of Gemma’s career:

Back in her early career Gemma was an educator for Makeup brand La Biosthetique, flying across Australia to teach staff how to apply makeup professionally. What she enjoyed most about teaching was connecting with people individually and helping them excel – and so, her one-on-one lessons were born.

Since 2014 Gemma has been making-up the stars of Channel 9. Gemma particularly loves working with television presenters as she gets to create glamorous looks designed to make people look their absolute best. Gemma thrives in the fast paced environment of live television and can be relied upon to go above and beyond on set – assisting the crew however she can, keeping calm under pressure and meeting tight deadlines.

Gemma likes to be heavily involved with all her clients and so now splits her time between bookings coordinator and artist.

In 2005 Gemma entered the hair and makeup scene studying at Cameron Jane Makeup. Fashion was the focus of Gemma’s early career with Mercedes Fashion Week being her favourite week of the year. She built experience and knowledge as a colour specialist at Mecca Cosmetica where she also developed a keen interest in skincare and the science behind it. After 5 years she pivoted into teaching and bridal which became her true passion.

In 2009 Gemma launched Gemma Nichols Hair and Makeup which is now a flourishing team of elite, talented artists in Sydney. Their premier bridal service means they are now one of the most in demand and respected hair and makeup services in Sydney winning ABIA awards and named by Elle magazine of one of Sydney’s top bridal artists.

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