2019 is the year to be kind to yourself and boost your confidence

be kind to yourself


Self confidence

As a business powered by strong women, Gemma Nichols Hair and Makeup Artistry is passionate about seeing the women of Australia look and feel their best. How you feel about yourself on the inside shows on the outside! We know how important self confidence is and we want to support women to boost their self confidence and be the best version of themselves.

What’s the big deal?

In Australia, self-confidence and body image issues are at an all time low. According to a recent survey 4 out of 5 women have low self confidence. Obviously this is bad news, but this issue has far wider reaching affects than you may know. If you have struggled with low self esteem you will know how life changing it can be as we often feel anxious and depressed about it.

Low self confidence and body image issues are caused by a combination of factors. One of the growing issues in our culture is the increasing pressure for women to look ‘perfect’ due to unrealistic standards set in the media and entertainment. The wonderful, beautiful and strong women of Australia are not living up to their full potential because they are plagued by doubt about the way they look. Gemma Nichols Hair and Makeup Artistry wants to do something about this!

Makeup – the problem or the solution?

When thinking about self confidence issues, makeup often gets a bad reputation. But, we don’t think it is deserved. When used properly and for the right reasons, makeup can be a great tool to boost self esteem. We know that every woman is beautiful, without makeup on. She is unique and her natural beauty is more than enough. But, we also all know what a difference a touch of  makeup can make when we’re having one of those ‘blah’ days!

Makeup can be empowering and puts the control back into your hands. Don’t let the world get you down – put on a dash of bright lipstick or a layer of dramatic mascara. Here are our top tips for using makeup as a tool for boosting self confidence:

  1. Go natural

Love the skin you’re in. Makeup is not meant to cover up all your ‘imperfections’, because you have none! You are beautiful just the way you are. Instead, use makeup to highlight your natural beauty and enhance your features.

2. Be kind to yourself

Every morning when you look in the mirror stop picking apart your appearance. Enough is enough, we need to be kind to ourselves ladies.  Lets start looking in the mirror and focusing on our good points and stop focusing so much on the parts we don’t like.

3. Colour for confidence

A bright colour never goes astray when you are feeling down about yourself. A bold lip or some pretty blush is sure to bring a smile to your face when you look in the mirror.

4. Care

Self confidence is boosted when we learn to look after ourselves better. Use your beauty regime to love yourself! Choose high quality cleansers and moisturisers to ensure your skin is being cared for properly as you deserve it.


5. Stop comparing ourselves to a photoshopped image

We should not compare ourselves to the models in magazines. Yes they are genetically blessed but they are not flawless so take those images with a grain of salt.  To create the perfect photo they have the help of a hair and makeup artist, expensive facials and cosmetic procedures, flattering lighting that’s designed to fade away the flaws and then if all that still isn’t enough they have photoshop to completely erase pores, wrinkles and more. So sure be inspired by their fun look but don’t judge a digitally enhanced image against your own appearance.

We are all about empowering women to love themselves! The women of Australia are having a crisis of confidence – let’s work together to solve the problem! We are all beautiful and deserve to know it.

Love Gem and the team