Beauty prep checklist

Beauty Prep Checklist

Have you booked a hair and makeup artist for your wedding or next event? Make sure you are ready for the big day! Here are some useful tips to ensure you are prepared. Being well prepared means you will look your absolute best and save valuable time on the day.

Makeup prep dos and don’ts:

  1. Do exfoliate your skin the morning of the event. It is important to remove dead skin as foundation does not sit well on dry, dead skin.
  2. Do apply eye cream and a moisturiser (without SPF in it).
  3. Do not have any facial waxing within 5 days of the event. Your foundation will not sit properly if the skin is freshly waxed and you may develop a rash from the wax.
  4. Don’t try any new products or have a new facial treatment the week of your event. We don’t want to risk allergic reactions.
  5. Do bring your pressed powder and a few lipstick options to use for touch-ups. You can also purchase these from us on the day.
  6. Remember to notify us two weeks in advance if you have any allergies to cosmetics or specific ingredients. This gives us enough time to prepare and research. This is very important!

Hair prep dos and don’ts:

  1. Do wash your hair the night before or morning of your event. If you wash it on the day please ensure it is dry and ready for us to style. We cannot work on dirty hair! Shampoo twice and then condition once. Use a salon shampoo and conditioner (do not use supermarket brands due to its bad silicone content).
  2. Do not not use a leave in conditioner or oil (unless you have afro tight curls that you want to leave curly).
  3. Do blow-dry your hair as smooth and straight as you can. This will save us valuable time on the day so we can spend more time perfecting your beautiful hairstyle rather than prepping the hair! If you have really curly hair you will need to get it professionally blowdried the day before to ensure the longevity of the style.
  4. Do not use straightening tongs unless you have very coarse, tights curls. If hair is straightened, we cannot put the volume back into it.
  5. Do wear a loose, button up or zip up top so you don’t ruin your hairstyle when you get changed. No woollen fabric or hoodies as they rub on the hair.

One more important request!

Do prepare some space for us to work. Have a big table cleared for when we arrive. We have a lot of equipment, so a big table the size of a dining room table is preferred. We will need the table to be close by power points and natural light. We bring our own makeup chairs but a dining room chair will be needed to do the hair.

See you at your event!


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See you at your event

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