Common celebrity makeup mistakes and how to prevent them

So I feel a little mean writing this article but I want us to learn from their rather public mistakes. These makeup mistakes can happen to us all so I thought it best to correct them before they happen to you.

If you have a special event I have a mobile hair and makeup service in Sydney  but if you are going to do your own please learn from these mistakes!

Common makeup mistakes and how to fix them:

1. Mistake – Using eye concealer that is too light. This will only make you look grey and ashy and very obvious that you are wearing a lot of makeup under the eyes.


1. Correction – If you have dark circles you actually need a warm peach toned concealer to colour correct the dark circles.

2. Mistake – Nude lipstick that washes you out. Everyone loves a smokey eye teamed with a nude, pale lip right? Wrong!


2. Correction – Choose a lip colour that doesn’t drain your natural colour. If you have a tan your nude needs to be warm. Try a peachy tone, it will have the nude effect but won’t wash you out.

3. Mistake – Too much powder or light reflective powder under the eyes. Drew Barrymore  is not alone in this mistake, hundreds of celebs (Nicole Kidman, Uma Therman and Melissa Jone Hart to name a few) have had the same issue with powder on the red carpet  and my bet is they are wearing HD powder.


3. Correction – Go easy on the powder and avoid HD powders. They are all the rage right now but please remember they are designed for film, not flash photography. Choose a powder that matches your skin tone and is designed to be photographed.

4. Mistake – Face looks white in photos. You swear you looked good in person but you can’t figure out why you look so white in photos, don’t worry you are not going crazy. It was hard to find a celebrity example of this because makeup artists are pretty much on top of this issue and use foundation specifically designed for photography but I know this has happened with some of my clients (when I didn’t do their makeup).

4. Correction – Choose a night time foundation without SPF as SPF can reflect light. Avoid zinc. To be sure take a selfie with the flash on when you try out a new foundation.

5. Mistake – Foundation is too dark and it looks like a mask. We have all seen this mistake, especially on teenagers and it is not a good look. Kelly Osbourne has beautiful milky skin with a pink undertone and below she looks ridiculous with her sallow, yellow foundation.


5. Correction – I know you want to give yourself a tan but please match your foundation to your natural colour so it blends in. Use a light dusting of bronzer around the temples, under the cheek bones, on the jawline and neck to give you a subtle sun kissed look. Go easy on the bronzer while you are at it, I said subtle not an orange glow!

6. Mistake – Foundation is too light compared to your tanned body.


6. Correction – So if you have fake tanned or been to the beach be sure to even out your face too. It is acceptable to choose a darker foundation if the rest of you is tanned, just be sure to check it is blended on the neck.  This is one of the things I have to focus on when doing makeup applications. A lot of girls have spray tans and so their face is about 8 shades lighter than the rest of them as the fake tan washes off the face quickly.

6. Mistake – Your face looks like a ball of shine.

Good Housekeeping's Annual Shine On Awards Honor Remarkable Women - Celebrity Green Room / Backstage

6. Correction – Too much illuminator and not enough powder. Just use a little illuminator to create a subtle light reflective effect. If you have oily skin use a highlight on the top of your cheekbones, brow bone and cupids bow instead of an all over illuminator. Powder your shiny T-zone, remember you want to look dewy, not greasy.

7. Mistake – Black panda eyes. When you left the house your eyeliner looked great, 5 minutes later it’s all over your face.


7. Correction – Avoid Kohl pencils in the bottom rim/waterline. If you really want to line the bottom of your eyes use a gel liner or waterproof pencil, they won’t smudge as much.

8. Mistake – Bleeding lipstick. Red lips only look polished and chic if they stay in place.


8. Correction – Use a lipliner first to help keep the lipstick in place. For bold colours try matte versions rather than the creamy ones that run and bleed. Blot off excess lipstick. Some artists recommend setting with powder but I personally don’t like the finish it creates.

9. Mistake – Going overboard with the fake lashes. You don’t want to look like a drag queen.


9 Correction- Choose lashes that give you a nice full look but that still look somewhat natural. Opt for individual rather than a full strip set and be sure they are not too long.

10 – Mistake – Forgetting to fill in your brows. I am sorry to use you again Tara, but your makeup artist was clearly on holidays. There is so much wrong with this makeup but it would look better if they had filled in her brows.


10 – Correction – Always fill in your brows, especially if you are wearing a smokey eye look to balance out the look and frame the eyes. More info on brows here

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Remember to please comment and share it with your friends on Facebook if you found it useful and interesting. I look forward to doing your makeup soon and not making any of the mistakes above!

Gem xxx

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