Wedding FAQ

Q: What brands do you use in your kit?

A: Gemma and the team have fully equipped kits filled with high-quality products. High-end brands are used to treat the bridal party to ultimate luxury. We favour brands that do not test on animals such as Charlotte Tilbury, Hourglass, Stila, Urban Decay, Chantecaille, Toofaced and Face Atelier. We also use luxury brands such as Nars, Armani, Bobbi Brown, Tom ford, Mac, By Terry, Makeup Forever and Chanel. However, we are slowly phasing out these brands in favour of  cruelty free brands. Our hairstylists use Cloudnine, Babybliss and GHD tools along with Bumble and Bumble, Label M and White Sands products. Only the best for our brides.

To see Gemma’s makeup kit please have a look at this blog post:


Q: Will my makeup last all day?

A: Ensuring long-lasting makeup is a priority of our bridal makeup artists. By using only the best products and primers, your makeup can last all day and night. We also set your makeup with translucent powder and fixing spray. By carrying your lipstick of choice and some pressed powder, you can help keep yourself looking flawless.

Q: Will my hair last all day?

A. If we are creating an updo for you then absolutely your hair will stay. However, if you are having your hair out then unfortunately there are no guarantees. We do everything we can such as prepping with memory sprays and pin setting but ultimately if your hair is very fine or their is moisture in the air then it is out of our control. That is why we recommend a half up half down instead so you get the best of both options. If you have your heart set on your hair out and you know your hair drops then you can book a call back service. Our artist will then come to your reception venue to freshen up your hair so it looks perfect for reception party.

Q: How do you ensure your kit is hygienic if you use it on multiple people?

A: As professional makeup artists, we take your hygiene seriously. We wash our hands before and after every client as well as wear face shields. We decant our products so we never double dip to prevent cross contamination. Brushes are meticulously cared for and sterilised and disposable mascara wands ensure that infection is impossible. The safety and peace of mind of clients are our top concern.

Q: How much time should  I allow for my makeup and hair on my wedding day?

A: Hair and makeup takes up to forty-five minutes per person. Some of our artists such as Gem and Carlie only need thirty minutes per person but we do always calculate extra time to allow for interruptions.

For groups of four or more, you will have two artists with you, so we can work on two people at the same. We do have a large team of artists so if you have a large group of 9 people or more or if you need to be ready extra early then we can send extra artists to cater to your needs.

Q: Does one artist do both the hair and makeup?

A: For groups of four or more people, we send both a hair stylist and a makeup artist to ensure your day is smooth and stress-free. Our team is a well-oiled machine and works together seamlessly.

We do have a large team of artists so extra artists are available when needed. For example, if you have a group of nine people or more or if you need to be ready early in the morning.

For smaller wedding parties, our multi-talented artists Susana and Gladis do both hair and makeup.

Q: I have received a cheaper quote, will you match it?

A: Our focus is on being the best, not the cheapest. We already offer great value for money given the high calibre of our service. The extensive experience of our artists and the quality service we provide means that you are receiving the best that the beauty industry can offer. If you desire the most exclusive hair and makeup artistry, our team is unbeatable and you will be pleased with your investment. Our prices are set and are not negotiable.

Q: Are all the artists of the same standard? Does it cost more to have Gemma herself as my makeup artist?

A: Every member of the Gemma Nichols Hair and Makeup Artistry team is equally talented and qualified. Each artist and stylist has been in the industry for over a decade and has been through extensive training under Gemma to ensure our artistry and service is consistent no matter which artist you have from our team. This means they are all equally priced.

We do not use assistants as we do not like to cut corners. It is important to us that every client is in the very best hands of highly skilled artists with 10 or more years of experience.

Q: Do you over tattoos?

A: If you require tattoo covering, we work with the outstanding SFX artist Lucy Woolfman. She can be booked directly through us with no commission fee. We are honoured to provide the best service available, no matter your needs. We encourage our clients to be wary when accepting quotes from regular makeup artists offering to cover tattoos as regular makeup can transfer and rub onto fabric. Unless they are SFX experts, the products and techniques they use will not ensure satisfactory service.

Q: Do you have a minimum call out fee or a minimum group size?

A: During our peak season (August-May) we have a minimum group size of four adults per artist for Sydney weddings or six adults per artist for destination weddings in The Hunter Valley, Blue Mountains or Southern Highlands. The exception to this are last minute bookings if we have availability.

Q: Do I need to pay a deposit to lock you in?

A: A non-refundable booking fee is required to secure your date. This is not transferrable to another date, unless there are exceptional circumstances such as an epidemic with government restrictions in place. This fee is not a deposit, it is a booking fee to cover the administration costs associated with your booking therefore it is not refundable. Due to the high demand of our services, we cannot hold your wedding date before this payment is received. The booking fee is then deducted from the balance owing on the day.

Q: What are your travel fees?

A: Travel fees apply to all bookings. They vary depending on your location, as we have artists across the Sydney area. Fees start at $40 per artist for travel to the city. Parking fees for artists must also be covered if charged by your hotel or council.

For Central Coast, Southern Highlands, the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley we have a 6 adult minimum booking size due to the amount of travel involved. For these areas our travel fee works out to be $50 per hour.

For interstate or International travel the wedding fee is a minimum of $1000 per artist for the wedding day, plus expenses such as flights, taxies and accommodation. Contact us directly for details regarding travel fees for your location.

Q: Do I need a trial?

A: We highly recommend that the bride has a full hair and makeup rehearsal with us. We don’t call them trials because you are not testing us, you have already done your research, seen our portfolio and glowing reviews! The hair and makeup rehearsal is an opportunity to wear your look and decide if you would like any changes for the big day. This is especially important if you are not familiar with having professionally done hair and makeup as liking a style on someone else does not mean you will like it when it is recreated on you.  It’s also a great excuse to get pampered and meet us in person before the day. Only the bride needs a trial, but any other members of the bridal party are welcome to book a trial.

Q: What happens at the hair and makeup rehearsal?

A: First and foremost we get to know you. We talk through your ideas and inspiration for your wedding day. This includes details about the dress, the decorations, the ceremony and the overall theme for the day. We seek to understand your personal style and then offer our expert advice so that we can work together to bring your vision to life and create a unique look designed to compliment you and your theme. We take photos of the finished look so that can look over them later.


Q: What do I need to be prepared for the hair and makeup rehearsal aka trial?

A: When you book your wedding with us you receive lots of useful wedding and beauty tips monthly starting six months before your wedding to get you excited and help you prepare for the best day ever. So we will email you about how to prepare for the trial.

For now though do some research as to style and preferences. Bringing along photos of what you do and don’t like helps us to be clear about our goals. Also bring photos of your dress, your bridesmaid’s dresses and a mood board of your wedding style, if you have one. Please bring your veil or accessories with you.

Please read this blog to see how you can prepare for your hair trial to ensure we can create the best possible style for you.

How to achieve your ideal hairstyle for your wedding.

Q: How much does the hair and makeup rehearsal cost and how long does it last?

A: A hair and makeup rehearsal is $280 and takes between two to two and a half hours. We do one look during this time and complete it to perfection. After your thorough consultation you will find experimenting  with multiple styles isn’t needed and we do tweak the style as we go to ensure you love it.


Q: When are hair and makeup rehearsals aka trials done?

A:  We recommend you have your rehearsal around 1 to 2 months before the wedding. This means you have all of your outfit finalised as we like you to bring along all of your hair accessories and veil. This is also ensures it’s fresh in all our minds for the wedding day. Having the trial close to the wedding date ensures you only need the one trial, where as when the trial is done a year in advance it is likely that you will choose a different style closer to the date as bridal trends change.

Each artist does have different availability but trials are done Monday-Thursdays.






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