Strobing, my simple steps to glowing, highlighted skin

Guide to strobing-simple steps to glowing, highlighted skin

So in case you haven’t heard contouring is out and strobing is in. As a makeup artist I am overjoyed because there is nothing I hate more than seeing people walk down the street with a thick, muddy stripe down their face. Yes it works with a strong filter on Instagram or for the Kardashians but let’s not forget they  have an expert to sculpt them every day. They also have professional lighting crews to soften the severity of the makeup and a retoucher to edit their photos.
If you still crave sculpted cheekbones, fear not because you can still have them without strong, thick unrealistic looking contouring. Instead of focusing on the shading focus on the highlighting.

See my tips below and give it a go. (Kalina, this is for you).

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Guide to strobing

The photo’s in this blog are from a photoshoot I did last week where I used the 5 products listed below to create their glowing complexions. Thank you to the photographer Susana Calvo and my models Sabrina and Kristy.
1. To create a dewy complexion, I prime with either Mecca Cosmetica Lit From Within or Mac Strobe Cream or Lotion. If you are oily do not put this all over your face, just use it on the areas you want to highlight such as your cheek bones and temples.

2. Choose a luminous, light reflective foundation. Mac Face and Body is an absolute cult classic for creating light reflective skin. I have tried so many foundations over my ten year career and I’ve yet to find one that creates such a natural glow. It is sheer though so if you want more coverage either layer it or mix it into a thicker foundation. Remember your foundation should look like you just have great skin, it should not be visible like a mask. If you have an imperfection try a little concealer rather than thicker foundation everywhere. Alternatively if you already have a foundation that you love and it isn’t dewy you can mix in an illuminator to give it a glow. I like Josie Maran Argan Illuminator.

3. Highlight the cheek bones. Apply a cream highlight to the top of the cheek bone and around onto the temples. For optimum glow also apply to the brow bone, Cupid’s bow and centre of the nose.
For pale skin tones try Nars multiple Copacabana. For tanned skin tones try Nars Multiple in South Beach. For somewhere in between try Nars Multiple in Hot Sands.

4. You need to set the foundation but you do not want to mattify the glow so it is really important you use a powder that has luminousity. I adore Hourglass Dim Light Ambient Powder from Mecca Cosmetica.

5. For added glow apply a powder highlight. This is recommended for night time, the cream alone is plenty for a subtle look in the day. I intensify my highlight with my favourite product the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Glow. It comes with a subtle bronzer too so you can very subtly emphasize the cheek bones without risking that contoured stripe look.

Guide to strobing-simple steps to glowing, highlighted skin

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