How to adapt your makeup as you get older

Women are beautiful at all ages. Lets face it though most of us don’t like change and watching our faces change over time isn’t something we welcome. The skin starts showing signs of ageing from around 25 so unfortunately it concerns most of us. Not everyone wants to get fillers, botox and facelifts so here are my tips to disguise the ageing process with cosmetics.



Prep your skin correctly before applying makeup: To ensure your skin looks it’s best and to ensure the makeup sits correctly exfoliate your skin before you get dressed up and use a hydrating mask to give your skin a healthy glow. I adore Chantecaile Biodynamic Lifting Mask, I am sorry it is a bit of a splurge but I swear your skin will never look so good. Wear it for an hour and voila your skin is plump and firm like a teenager! If you get really dry try using a hydrating oil under your foundation or keep a hydrating facial mist in your bag which you can spray to refresh your makeup so it is dewy.


Concern: The skin gets dryer as we get older.

Makeup fix it: Choose a tinted moisturiser or a hydrating, illuminating sheer foundation to make the skin appear hydrated and more youthful. You need to choose a foundation that will reflect light. You need to avoid matte foundations and powders. Thick foundations will only emphasise our lines so keep your base sheer. A couple of suggestions are Armani Designer foundation, By Terry Sheer Expert or Stila Illuminating BB cream.

Concern: Pore size increases as we get older.

Makeup fix it: Use a pore refining/filling primer. I use Nars Pore Refining Pro Primer to fill the fine lines around my eyes and to mask pores. There a variety of different ones on the market so shop around to see which one is most effective for you.

Concern: Skin tone is uneven.

Makeup fix it: If you experience redness try Smashbox Green Colour Corrector Primer to tone down redness. Your sheer foundation will also even out colour. If you have pigmentation/sun spots use a concealer to hide them instead of using a thick foundation all over.

Concern: Eye lids are becoming smaller and hooded.

Makeup Fix it: 1. Use a light coloured shadow on the lid to highlight. You can use a lightly shimmered shadow but you should avoid frosty white shadows as the make our eyes look scaly. My favourite shadows are Nars Nepal or Cairo but just opt for tones of pinks, mauves, bronzes and terracotta browns. 2. To lift the hood you can use a bullet/dome shaped brush to apply a soft matte, brown, taupe or grey shadow above our natural crease in the socket. You must apply this higher than your own crease to give the illusion of a higher, lifted lid. It is important to blend this step because we want to create the illusion of a high, defined socket not look like we are wearing a lot of makeup. 3. Define your eyes with a very thin liner in grey, mauve or brown (black can sometimes be too much) on the top lash line. I recommend liquids not pencils because they are thinner and don’t smudge as easily. Stay away from heavy eye liner and mascara under the eyes, this draws peoples attention down and we want to draw the eyes up, away from the effects of gravity. You may have been doing this for years but please trust me, this is the biggest mistake people make when applying their own makeup.

Concern: Brows and lashes are becoming thinner.

Makeup fix it: Thin brows are ageing, so fill in your brows and give yourself an instant facelift! Seriously, I believe every woman should fill in her brows to frame their eyes. You can opt for a soft shadow rather than a pencil if you like, choose a colour that is a little lighter than your natural colour so it doesn’t look obvious. Emphasise the arch but don’t make it too angular, check your brows start inline with the edge of your nostril. I will do a separate in depth blog on brow shaping soon. Our lashes get thiner and fewer as we age. Be kind to them and use a high quality mascara and avoid cheap waterproof ones. Curl your lashes first if you can and then apply lots of mascara to the base of the lashes to make them appear thicker. For more mascara advice read my blog 

Concern: Dark circles under eyes

Makeup Fix it: Use an illuminating concealer or colour corrector under the eyes. Pay particular attention to the darkest area which is near the bridge of our nose. Bobbi Brown make good colour correctors but most illuminating concealers will also colour correct. I like to use By Terry Touche Veloutee or a tiny, tiny amount of IT cosmetics bye bye under eye. You have to be careful with under eye concealers because they do move into the fine lines around the eye so less is more and always hydrate with an eye cream first.

Concern: Skin has started to lack luster

Makeup Fix it: So we have already addressed choosing a light reflective, dewy foundation. Now we need to add colour to our complexion. Choose a foundation that is slightly warmer than your foundation, not darker just very slightly warmer. There is nothing worse than a pale foundation. Apply a subtle bronzer around the edges of the face to enhance the bone structure, just a little though. Blush and lipstick are the best way to achieve a bright, youthful complexion which I will elaborate on later.

Concern: My cheek have started to become sunken

Makeup fix it: Apply blusher to the apples of the cheeks to plump and lift them. We need to wear more colour/blush as we get older to brighten the complexion. Choose tones that suit your complexion such as pinks, roses, peaches, apricots and avoid dull browns. I love to use cream blushes on a mature skin, my favourite being the Stila Convertible Blushes in Gerbera, Peony, Gladiola or Petunia depending on your colouring. Avoid really shimmery, glittery blushes. Don’t apply too much bronzer under the cheek bones because placing product here only emphasises the hollow cheeks.

Concern: My lips are less defined and smaller.

Makeup Fix it: Use a lipliner to define the lips, you can draw slightly outside the natural lip line to make the lips appear bigger. Don’t forget to fill in the whole lip, don’t just draw around the edges. Avoid dull browns when choosing lipsticks, they flatter no one! Pick brightening tones of rose, berries, apricots, corals and pinks that help create a glowing complexion.

Concern: Lipstick bleeds from my lip line.

Makeup fix it: Wear a lipliner all over the lips to help the lipstick grip and stay in place. Try using a reversible lip liner on the skin around the lips to lock the lipstick in place. Duwop Reversable Lip Liner is a popular choice with makeup artists. Avoid Glosses as they will bleed.

I hope you found my tips useful, for more updates please like my facebook page or subscribe to the blog and you can always private message or email me if you have any questions x

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