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Everyone is wearing liquid liner right now,  it looks dramatic and it is quick and easy to do. For those of you that have met me you’ll know I pretty much wear liquid liner every day so I consider myself a bit of an expert when it comes to applying it. So go on, I know it scares you but give it a go, you will love the results. I do advise that you practice this once or twice before a big night out!!

Prep the eyes before you begin:

Apply an eye primer to stop your eye makeup from smudging and creasing later. I know it’s an extra product to buy but trust me it will stop all your hard work  from being ruined later. I like to use TooFaced Shadow Insurance or Mac Painterly. Now put a nude eyeshadow all over the eyelid right up to your brow. You can use a matte or shimmer depending on your preferences. I like to use Abyssinia (shimmer) or Biarritz (matte) by Nars or Shroom (shimmer) or Brulee (matte) from Mac . This step is imperative to even out the colour of your eyelid.

Now follow the steps below. Each number has a corresponding photo to make the steps easier to follow and visualize.

liquid 1

1.       Apply a soft colour to the eye lid. By applying a flattering colour to your eyelid you will brighten your iris to make them pop. I like to use a shimmer here to catch the light but if your eye lids have a crepe texture then a matte is advised. I like to use the following shadows from MAC Retrospeck (soft gold),  All That Glitters (gold) Naked Lunch (soft pink).

2.       Apply a soft matte brown or grey shadow in the socket. Use a soft, curved dome/bullet shaped brush, my all time favourite brush is Mac 217. To do this step look straight ahead at the mirror and apply the shadow above your natural crease (in the socket). My go to colours for this are Madrague by Nars or Wedge by Mac. This contouring step really opens up the eyes.

3.       Now time for the liquid liner. I highly recommend Stila’s stay all day liquid liner. If you can close one eye, then use your hand that isn’t holding the brush to gently pull your eyes so that the skin is taut. If you can’t close one eye at a time it doesn’t matter you will just need to tilt your head back. Hold the pen horizontally along the top lash line and starting in the middle gently dot along your lash line. That’s right press/dot don’t draw. By doing it this way you don’t need a steady hand and you can do a tiny bit at a time so you have more control. Don’t rush, keep checking in the mirror to check you are dotting it on the lash line. Press lightly to get the shape you want and you can go in and make it thicker if you like later. Remember the firmer you press the thicker the line will be. When you get to the outer edge of the lashes stop.

4.       Now you are at the end of the lash line.  If you continue in the direction you have been drawing you will draw the line downwards and this will make your eyes look droopy, that is the biggest mistake people do with liquid liner. Instead you need to extend the line diagonally up to elongate your eyes and lift them in the corners. I like to look in the mirror to see where I’d like the flick to end and then mark the spot before drawing.

5. To make things really easy you can use a business card to finish the liner and draw the flick. Just position it where you would like the flick and draw along the edge. The photo below illustrates the process.

liquid liner


6.       Now you are nearly done. Apply lots of mascara to finish off.

7.     Additional recommended step. Apply a white or nude pencil on the bottom inner rim to brighten and open up the eyes.

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4 thoughts on “Perfect Your Liquid Liner

  1. Aimee

    Hi Gem,

    Finally got around to trying this last night! For a first attempt it looked pretty good!

    The tip about holding the pen sideways and dotting along the lashline (rather than trying to draw the line in one sweep) was excellent and gave a lot more control.

    Thanks for this fab tutorial!! I will definitely work on perfecting this look.


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