How to keep your classic hair style on trend

When it comes to hair, texture is in!

Forget polished buns or the Hollywood retro glam waves. Hairstyles are morphing into more relaxed and textured versions of the previously popular styles.

The key word is effortless. Yes it takes an hour to create the hairstyle but to quote Beyonce, you are meant to look like “I just woke up like this.”

All hairstyles featured are by Gemma Nichols Makeup Artistry and the images are subject to copyright.

Textured ponytail.

Previously it was the slicker the better when it came to ponytails and I am sure gel sales went up. Now it is time to leave the gel alone and buy yourself some texturising hair powder because it’s all about messy, bouncy and textured hair. If you don’t have long hair you can buy some great ponytail extensions


Hair Inspiration Hairstyles

Relaxed Waves

The wave trend has morphed from exaggerated fingers waves and Hollywood retro waves and we are now seeing more relaxed, tousled waves. Team it with a flower crown and you are bound to make an impact.

Photographer Joshua Mikhaiel (hair and makeup by Gemma).

Florist Merci Bouquet.


. Photographer Photographer Daniel K Cheung of Sutoritera

Flowers Chanele Rose Flowers

Summer-Citrus--Hair Styles For Women


Soft and textured buns. 

Elaborate buns that look polished and detailed are on the way out. Now on the red carpet and in the top wedding blogs we are seeing more softly gathered buns or a simple ballerina bun with texture.

The below style (modelled by me) by Susana from Gem’s team is meant to look like it was softly pulled together as opposed to the more vintage inspired buns with polished curls favoured last year.

Hair Styles for Women


If you still like curls and detail in your bun keep it textured to ensure you are on trend. Try adding fresh flowers rather than a comb to keep the relaxed, bohemian theme.

Photo by Karen Gilvear, one of our favourite Sydney photographers.




If you like structure and favour simplicity that’s ok, just keep it modern but having texture in it as opposed to slick.

Hairstyle below by Susana from Gem’s team.



Plaits and braids

Plaits have been very popular for a while now and they are here to stay. Now though they won’t be featured at the front of the hairstyle anymore. Hairstyles are becoming less formal and more relaxed so now braids are being incorporated at the back of the style.


braid -Hair Style

The style below has a neat braid but it is modern because the rest of the style has contrasting texture giving it an edgy feel.

braid 1


This style below has a braid making up the bun which means the braid is a subtle feature.

Hair by Carlie from Gem’s team.


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