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Tailored to you.

Makeup Lessons Sydney

We cater to:

Beginners who are overwhelmed by all the different products on the market and need help working out what they do and don’t need and how to apply it.

Ladies needing help updating their existing makeup look, in particular our mature clients who want to change their look after using the same products for years.

Beauty enthusiasts wanting to learn more in depth looks and understand youtube tutorial techniques better.

Transgender male to female clients who want to learn how to apply makeup, we are a safe space for all.

Tween and teenagers needing an introduction to makeup and skincare.

Your makeup lesson with us is perfect for you as it is tailored to you and your individual needs.

From essential skincare routines to colour matching foundation, blush and contouring, product choices, eye shadow colours, application techniques and much more – you will walk away feeling confident applying your own makeup and understanding which products and colours are right for you.

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$330 for a 3 hour session

process & info

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The makeup lesson is tailored to you, so the look you learn will be designed to suit your tastes and needs.

Together with your artist, you complete your makeup look from start to finish. We teach you what products to use and how best to apply them.

We do half your face whilst you do the other half so you can practice and replicate the techniques to master your application.

The experience

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All lessons are unique to you however a typical lesson format consists of a simple and polished look that can be adapted for any day, including a day at the office or a special event. Then we build on top of the natural look to create an evening look of your choice.

We do not represent specific brands and so your lesson is not sales or brand focused. You can trust that we will give you unbiased advice when it comes to the right products for you.

One-on-one makeup lessons are available Mondays-Thursdays in Beverly Hills or Potts Point.

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You will walk away with the knowledge of which colours and products suit you. You will have the confidence to make yourself up beautifully accentuating all your best features.

You leave with workshop notes to help you refresh your knowledge at home. You also receive a digital face chart which breaks down your makeup look and includes a list of products used.

A makeup lesson is a great gift idea for a friend or loved one – get in contact with us to secure a gift voucher today.

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“So happy, thanks so much Gemma cannot recommend enough.”


Just had an amazing, informative and fun 3 hour make up lesson with Gemma today and absolutely love the results!

I thought it would be complicated and too tricky for me seeing as I have had the same make up look for over 16 years but thanks to Gemma I am confident I will be able to recreate the look again myself!

I love it when I see someone so passionate about what they are doing and can tell Gemma really cares, its a great confidence boost and I am excited for my next big night out.

- Lauren

A makeup lesson


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a great gift idea for a friend or loved one – get in contact with us to secure a gift voucher today.