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The number one piece of advice I often tell our brides is to stay true to yourself when it comes to selecting your makeup for your wedding. We will make you into the best possible version of yourself and we will work with you to understand your style and tastes.

Sometimes though you simply need some ideas and inspiration! So to help you decide on which makeup look works best for you we have put together a few of our most popular makeup looks that are both on trend and timeless.

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natural, dewy wedding makeup

Natural Makeup

We are known for the natural look because we know you are beautiful as you are and we celebrate that.

A more natural style of wedding makeup will look amazing on your wedding day and stand the test of time when you look back on those wedding photos. Beautiful makeup doesn’t have to be dramatic, in fact when it is applied skillfully by an expert only a few little things need to be done to enhance your best features or disguise those small things we want hidden or corrected.

We specialise in what I like to call a “natural glam” which is a balance to ensure you don’t look bare faced and still feel gorgeous. So we will make sure your best features pop but we’ll keep each step soft so that you look special and amazing and the makeup enhances your beauty rather than distracting from it.

natural wedding makeup sydney
bride with freckles showing and natural makeup
winged liner classic wedding makeup look
Sydney bride and groom

classic bride

A timeless, elegant bridal look will never go out of style. Think iconic Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s. It enhances your beauty and compliments your dress but doesn’t overpower it. Every bride-to-be wants to feel beautiful on their big day and a classic look will achieve that and stay tasteful and classic in pictures for many years to come.

Your beauty will be front-and-centre with this timeless and romantic bridal makeup look.

soft glam bridal makeup
natural glam wedding makeup

Shimmery, Glittery Eyes

Charlotte Tilbury brought back glitter eye shadow and we are here for it! For the bride that wants to have a little fun and sparkle brightly.

chocolate smokey eyes

Smokey Eyes

Want to look mystical or smouldering? Or simply want to make your eyes really pop! Then smokey eyes will make you stand out. There are lots of different levels of smokey eyes so we can tailor it to your comfort level by toning it down for a more traditional bridal look or go full smokey if you love dark, striking eyes .

smokey bridesmaid makeup wedding Sydney
Bronze smokey eyes
fashion bridal artists Sydney
bride with red lips

Bold Lips

Bold lips appeal to lots of different brides because depending on the tone of the lipstick and what else you team your look with bold lips can have many different impressions such as vintage or contemporary.

Hollywood glam and vintage inspired bold lip looks typically feature a classic red lipstick and teamed up with a liquid liner for the starlet.

Or alternatively for a fresh and vogue look you can keep the eyes minimal and try a bright hued lip colour.

bride with bold lipstick
red lipstick for bride
bride with red lips
red carpet hair and makeup sydney
bronze smokey eyes
golden, glowing makeup

bronze and Gold

Think luminous, highlighted skin and golden shimmer on the eyes.

Some brides prefer a more natural version and others more glam so we have included an example of both here. We always curate the look to suit you individually so we will find the level and tones that you love best.

makeup trends

Matte eyes

Matte eye shadow on the lid with just a little highlight in the corner is definitely the insta look of the moment. Usually paired with a subtle feline flick liner.

matte eye looks
fluffy eyebrows

need advice on a look tailored just for you?

best wedding makeup Sydney


Feel free to contact Gemma Nichols Hair & Makeup and we will be more than happy to discuss your upcoming wedding and help give you all the advice to make sure you shine on your special day.