Preparing for your wedding day

      ‘’Every bride wants to be the most beautiful, radiant version of herself’’ – Gemma Nichols – Founder and Artist.

       Here at Gemma Nichols Hair and Makeup Artistry, we know a thing or two about skincare. We know how to achieve that fresh, glowing beauty every bride wants. We wanted to share our insider’s knowledge with you. Here are our top skincare tips for the lead up to your wedding.

       You need great skin to have great makeup. If you want a luminous look then your skin must be well hydrated. Makeup alone cannot do this.

      Beauty Habits

      Every morning

      Cleanse, moisturise, apply an eye cream and sunscreen. You will see an improvement in clarity once you start looking after your skin. If you have oily skin, you still need to moisturise – just choose a light and oil free option.

      Stay hydrated and drink throughout the day. Taking fish oil supplements can also significantly improve the quality of skin.

      Every night

      Remove your makeup, cleanse, apply your eye cream and moisturise.

      Once a week

      Exfoliate your skin once a week with a gentle scrub or mask. This will get rid of dead and dull patches and help you achieve soft, glowing skin.

      Once a month 

      Monthly facials are a great way to eliminate toxins and to achieve a glowing, dewy complexion. However, avoid facials the week before the wedding if you don’t have them regularly in case you break out or have a reaction. Start of course of facials treatments six months before your wedding.

      Eliminate problem areas such breakouts and blackheads by booking in for fortnightly dermabrasion or other treatments. Gemma herself uses the Clear Skin Clinic in Double bay for her months ‘Steam and Squeeze’ and the Laser Clinic in Potts Point for her Dermabrasion. She highly recommends both Elizabeth and Mel is you choose to head over to the laser clinic.

      Get your eyebrows professional shaped. Start this process a few months before your wedding date to ensure the perfect shape is achieved. Parlour B at Five Ways Paddington or Kristin Fisher in Double Bay are the best in the business and where all of Sydney’s celebrities choose to go.

      The lead-up

      A few weeks before your wedding

      If you choose to have botox or fillers, schedule this for two weeks before the wedding. Choose a specialist based on quality, not inexpensiveness. We trust Louise from SBCM in Potts Point for high-quality treatments.

      Get your hair cut and coloured two weeks before your wedding. Remember that if you have dark hair, and want a textured hairstyle for your wedding day, it will look better if you have subtle balayage done. We recommend Willomena in Woolahra.

      The week of your wedding

      Stick to your normal skincare routine and do not try any new products in the week leading up to your wedding. This is the week to do any facial waxing if needed, but be sure to do it prior to five days before the wedding as freshly waxed skin can effect makeup.

      Three days before your wedding

      Get a spray tan now if you want one. Always have a trial a month prior to your wedding so you get the perfect colour. Ask for ‘sun-kissed’ to ensure you have a subtle colour. If you have beautiful porcelain skin, embrace that. Natural, or as close to natural as possible, is always preferable. Bronzalicious in Neutral Bay is a highly reputable tanning salon.

      Don’t forget about your nails. Booking a manicure and pedicure is the perfect way to make sure every inch of you looks perfect. We love The Nail Lab in Darlinghurst for great service and a professional finish. If you chip your polish easily try OPI gel. “Don’t Bossa Nova Me Around” is a great classic bridal colour.

      Top tip: If you get a pimple the week of the wedding do not touch it. Just put a pimple cream on it and then leave it alone. Makeup artists can cover it easily, but it is much more difficult to cover when it is a scab.

      The day before your wedding

      Applying a gentle hydrating or brightening mask can be a good idea. However, remember not to use new products during the lead up to your wedding. All masks and creams should be tested well in advance.

      Wash and blow-dry your hair. Double shampoo and use a salon quality conditioner. Our hair stylists need your hair to be clean and dry.

      On your wedding day

      Your big day has finally arrived! Be sure to gently exfoliate your skin first thing in morning then moisturise. Even oily skin needs moisturising. Please do not apply makeup. Bring along your lipstick which was chosen at the trial ad well as your translucent powder for touch-ups. Make sure your hair is clean and dry.



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