September 22, 2021

Hair extensions, the celebrity secret to great hair

We all want perfect, instagram worthy hair for our wedding. Unfortunately very few of us are gifted with naturally full, volumous locks to create those styles we lust after like Victoria Secret waves.

Do not worry though, if you don’t have enough hair for the look that inspires you, we have a solution as we won’t let anything get in the way of your dream hair!


Clip in hair extensions


They give you instant fullness, length and beautiful hair. What most people don’t realise is the styles we see on celebrities or models use extensions to make them achievable. Hair extensions blend naturally with your own hair when styled, so no-one will know it’s not all your own hair.



Do you need extensions?

It depends on the style and your amount of hair.

Most of the time if you are having an updo we can get away with skipping extensions by using padding or other secret tricks that we have up our sleeves. Ponytails though, generally need them to create body in the ponytail itself.

If you would like your hair out we normally need to use hair extensions. Extensions create fullness, can be used to add length and most importantly they hold better for style longevity.

They are also great for half up styles as often there isn’t much natural hair in the half left out so clip in extensions create the fullness to elevate your hairstyle to the next level.






How do I order the extensions?

How much are clip in extensions?

We recommend Zala clip in extensions as they are a great price for great quality, making them a very affordable option compared to what many people pay in a salon.

There are all different thicknesses and lengths to choose from so prices vary but to give you an example a 5 pack of 16 inches is the most popular choice for half up styles which is $150 (before our discount).

For volume for glam waves please opt for a pack of 9 (in fact a lot of the inspiration images for shoots use 3 full packs for the volume but it does make your head heavy).

Check the photos on the Zala website to see which length you would like.

Our brides receive a discount so email Gem for the Zala discount code.

You order hair extensions directly from the zala website. They do a great colour match online so this way you can have them for your trial. If they aren't the right colour you can exchange them but we find they are always spot on with their colour matching service.

Most people need 16 - 20 inches so please refer to the photos on the zala website to choose the length that you would like.

Zala website colour matching service.

Our brides get a discount so email Gem for the code.



Can I source my own extensions when you do my hair?

Should I get tapes fitted or use clip ins?

Absolutely! As long as you have 100% remy, human hair we can use your extensions for you. We recommend zala  as they are the most affordable option and many of our brides couldn't justify spending $700 or more on brands their own hair salon stocked.

Please use clip in extensions, not tapes for your wedding. As clip in's work better for hair styling as we can move them around to suit your hairstyle whereas tapes restrict your options.  They won't damage your hair as you can take them out before bed or before swimming and simply pop them in whenever you have an event.

No halo's please, separate clip ins are always best so we can tailor them to suit the hairstyle.