Why a Natural Makeup look is the best makeup for your wedding

bride with natural makeup looking at her groom

Why a Natural Makeup look is the best makeup for your wedding

Have you been stressing about your wedding makeup because you’ve heard you need to wear more for the photos, or you’ve seen dramatic looks trending on instagram and so you are worried your preferred natural style won’t be enough?

If so please don’t feel pressured into choosing a look that isn’t you because if you don't usually wear makeup then a natural makeup look is all you need to look and feel spectacular.

We understand that less is more when it comes to enhancing beauty and we want you to feel like you. The best look for you is whatever look gives you confidence and makes you feel like yourself.

As award winning Wedding Makeup artists we believe you are beautiful the way you are. You don’t need lots of thick makeup to mask yourself, instead we use a little to enhance your features and let your natural beauty shine through. 

Enhance your beauty, don’t mask it

 Don’t get me wrong we love a smokey eye or bold lip and if that’s your favourite look we’d love to create it for you. But if not then that’s ok too. Our priority is creating a look that you are confident wearing and we want  your natural beauty to be the main focus.

Needing more makeup for the camera is a bit of a myth. Makeup will appear softer in photos but that doesn’t mean it has to be really strong or heavy to compensate, it’s about finding the right balance for you. I think makeup artists use the line “you need more makeup  for the camera” as an excuse if you’ve complained that the look is too much for you. So please don’t be persuaded that your opinions are wrong as the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable and self conscious on your wedding day. 

Sticking with what works

Stay true to your style and don’t experiment too much for your wedding day as you want to feel like you and not regret wearing a look that is out of character.  This means you will be able to feel confident, strong and 100% yourself as you walk down the aisle.

At their hair and makeup trials brides sometimes tell me they prefer natural makeup but worry they won’t  look special on the day. Beautiful makeup doesn’t have to be dramatic, in fact when it is applied skillfully by an expert only a few little things need to be done to enhance your best features or disguise those small things we want hidden or corrected. 

We specialise in what I like to call a “natural glam” look.  So we will make sure your best features pop but we’ll keep each step soft so that you look special and amazing and the makeup enhances your beauty rather than distracting from it. 

Natural Makeup Ensures no Regrets 

Beauty trends come and go but natural makeup will never go out of style and look dated, the best advice we can give is to take your inspiration from Vogue and not Instagram. 

For example, The Kardashians made contouring and big brows famous and then those looks reached new heights thanks to Instagram, but have you noticed that those instagram looks have already dated quickly and don’t look so great without photoshop or a filter to soften them.

Instead a look that is always in style  and you see when you flick through the pages of Vogue is “clean beauty”. This means a soft, fresh and natural makeup. Often featuring dewy, luminous skin and minimal colour. The result is a chic look that showcases you, not the makeup.

 If you’re not sure what works for you, we are more than happy to provide you with Makeup lessons or to do a rehearsal trial before your wedding day

Wondering what the next step is for organising your hair and makeup for your big day, or just looking for some more advice from someone that knows weddings, feel free to contact us and WE will be more than happy to discuss your wedding and point you in the right direction.