The best Sydney hotels & serviced apartments for bridal party prep.

best hotels for Sydney brides to get ready in

Our recommended Sydney hotels for your wedding morning preps

Where you get ready for your wedding sets the tone for the whole day. You'll need somewhere with plenty of space for your bridal party to relax whilst getting hair and makeup as well as some where with great natural light and beautiful decor to be the back drop for your photos.

First of all please don’t feel like you have to book a hotel to get ready in the morning of your wedding. Having all your home comforts the morning of the wedding does come in handy and you don’t have to wait for room service if you want a cup of tea or glass of champagne! Although, if you live a distance from your venue or don’t have enough space to host everyone then booking accommodation can be the right option for you.

There are certainly a few elements to consider for a relaxing morning getting wedding ready. Space is a must. You will be with your wedding party, family members as well as vendors such as hair and makeup artists and your photographer and videographer so you’ll need to have enough space so that we are not all on top of each other. Look for somewhere with a separate lounge area for the bridal party to relax, a large dining table for your artists to set up and work from and nice styling and lighting as a backdrop for your photos. If a hotel suite is not within the budget then perhaps an air bnb is better as the average hotel room is definitely not big enough to accommodate your wedding party and vendors.

We work in hotels most weekends so here is our list our recommendations based on space, decor and lighting.


The Langham Hotel – Is without doubt the most popular hotel for Sydney’s bride and grooms to get ready in. Light and bright with old world glamour and French charm. It is a traditional, sophisticated 5 star hotel perfect as the back drop of your photos. The suites and residences are lovely, we just worked I’m suite 301 which has plenty of space and light, so luxurious. It is ax expensive hotel but it is definitely the most popular for wedding preps because it is so lovely and beautiful.

Kimpton Margot Hotel – a very cool, art deco style hotel, it brings the vibes! We’ve worked in the Buddon and the Hammond Suite and both were spacious and beautiful. Last time I was there they sent a a cocktail cart and bar tender to mix the bridal party drinks so it’s a 10 out of 10 for me! They have a great roof top bar too if you fancy a cheeky drink with your bridesmaids.

Pullman Quay Grande – makes the list because of the fantastic harbour views and because the apartments have separate living space and bedrooms giving you the space needed for your bridal party to get ready. Double check with the hotel which rooms have the dining table and separate bedrooms, I think it’s the deluxe 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom apartments.

Four Seasons Sydney the newly renovated hotel has beautiful one bedroom suites with stunning views. It’s a great location and the stylish rooms create a lovely ambience to get ready in.

Meriton Suites Penthouse Collection

Meriton Suites apartments can be a great option if you don’t want to spend a small fortune on a hotel suite or be in the CBD as they have lots of locations (we work at Bondi and North Sydney a lot). Just be sure to book the options with plenty of living space and the penthouse collection is especially nice for your photos. Many of their locations have amazing views too, particularly North Sydney if you are getting married in Mosman.


Cremorne Point Manor Penthouse is the apartment at the top of the bed and breakfast. It is great for bridal parties because it is an apartment with plenty of space and everything you will need. It styling is modern with a slight retro feel and it has a lovely harbour view from the balcony.

Meriton Suites North Sydney, see above.

*There is one well known hotel in Mosman that you don’t see on our list. I am not going to name it as I don’t want to say anything negative but it is not on our list because the rooms are too small and dark for wedding preps. Plus parking is a nightmare and we have to go out every two hours to check our cars which interrupts the flow of the morning. It is a great to stay the night of the wedding though because it is super sexy with its dark decor but just not ideal for the wedding preps.


Generally on the Northern beaches our brides book air bnb’s as there are so many incredible options to choose from with more space than hotels.