Benefits of Having a Hair & Makeup Trial Before Your Wedding

      Many brides ask, “Do I need a hair & makeup trial before my wedding?” and the simple answer is yes, you should have a hair and makeup trial if you can before your wedding. In the following blog I discuss why this is a good idea and how it can make your day run much more smoothly. 

      Having a hair and makeup trial before your wedding provides a range of benefits for you and your preparation for your big day. 

      Your hair and makeup trial a.k.a rehearsal is an opportunity to wear your look and decide if you would like any changes for the big day.  Most importantly It’s one more great excuse to get pampered and meet us meet us in person  before the day. Only the bride needs a trial, but any other members of the bridal party are welcome to book a trial.

      Having a trial will also give you a chance to see all your inspiration come to life and make sure it suits you and provides the look you were hoping for. 

      Just because you love a romantic updo style on someone else or a dramatic smokey eye doesn’t mean you will love it on yourself.  You can even share a few inspiration ideas with your stylist beforehand, this will allow you and your stylist to come together to create the perfect look for you. 

      Our stylist will also suggest what will work best with your hair texture and skin tone.  Your hair and makeup artist will also discuss the difference between everyday makeup vs wedding day and photo ready makeup. 

      We are known for more natural makeup looks as opposed to very heavy, thick  looks but we will work with you to create whatever look you like. We will help you create  the best  version of yourself, not a completely different person, so you can  recognise yourself in your photos and love what you see! 

      What happens at the hair and makeup rehearsal?

      First and foremost, we get to know you. We talk through your ideas and inspiration for your wedding day. This includes details about the dress, and the overall theme for the day.  

      We seek to understand your personal style and then offer our expert advice so that we can work together to bring your vision to life and create a unique look designed to compliment you and your theme. We take photos of the finished look so that we can replicate it for the wedding and so that you can look over them later.

      How do I prepare for the trial?

      When you book your wedding with us you receive lots of useful wedding and beauty tips monthly starting six months before your wedding to get you excited and help you prepare for the best day ever. 

      For now, do some research as to style and preferences. Bring along photos of what you do and don’t like helps us to be clear about our goals. Also bring photos of your dress, your bridesmaid’s dresses and a mood board of your wedding style, if you have one. Finally, please bring your veil or accessories with you if you have them.

      When are hair and makeup trials done?

      We recommend you have your rehearsal around 1 to 2 months before the wedding. This means you have all of your outfit finalised as we like you to bring along all of your hair accessories and veil. 

      This also ensures it’s fresh in all our minds for the wedding day. Having the trial close to the wedding date ensures you only need the one trial, whereas when the trial is done a year in advance it is likely that you will choose a different style closer to the date as bridal trends change.

      Hair and makeup trials provide a great opportunity to lay out all your expectations with your stylist and even receive some advice for your bridesmaid’s hair and makeup as well. 

      After the trial you can update us about any changes you’d like to make and let us know how everything went so we can work out if we need to make any changes. We want to make sure you look gorgeous from the first look to the last dance!

      Contact us today if you want to discuss your inspiration for your up coming wedding, we are happy to tell you about our service and provide you with any information that will help your big day be better!