Curly Hair Styling Specialists

Yay for the curly hair revolution that covid accelerated! We love that more and more people want to rock their curls. We want to celebrate you as you are so please don’t feel you have to rid of your curls and smooth them out to get your hair styled. You can absolutely incorporate your curls into your style.

Generally most peoples curls are a bit frizzy and not very defined so we use a small tong to enhance the curls before putting them into your chosen style.

Need some ideas for natural curl hairstyles? Here are a few examples of our clients that have enhanced their curls for their look.

Preparation is key to great curls as happy curls are hydrated curls!

Curly hair prep:

You will need to wash your hair the morning of the event.

Do not towel dry your hair as this causes frizz. Instead squeeze out the moisture and apply your usual leave in conditioner and curl creme.

Diffuse your hair on low.

Your artist will then use a tong to define and enhance the curls before styling into your chosen style.