How to create soft, sexy hair waves in minutes.

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Right now everyone wants soft, sexy waves. It is without doubt the most requested hairstyle that I get asked to create at my makeup studio in Potts Point. It is the perfect hairstyle for a night out and believe it or not it is so easy to create yourself at home. Just follow my simple how to steps below.

You will need:

A hair tong, preferably a conical or 1/2 inch tong

A pre-styling spray, with memory. I like either white sands firm hold or Bumble and Bumble Styling Spray

A wide tooth comb (to brush out the curls without ruining them)

Hair spray, I favour L’oreal Elnett as it is light weight

Anti frizz cream or any other smoothing serum to finish off the look. I use either Biosilk or Bumble and Bumble anti frizz


Step 1. Divide the hair into 4 sections; Straight down the middle to the bottom of your neck (you can change to a side part if you prefer). Then divide the hair again horizontally from ear to ear so you end up with 4 equal sized sections.

photo 1

Step 2. Spray the whole section with a memory spray. Divide the hair into 4 or 5 vertical sections (depending on hair thickness) and curl each one downwards and away from the face.

photo 2

Step 3. Curl the other bottom side section in the same way. So curl the hair away from the face, towards the back of the head.

photo 3

Step 4. Curl the top sections in exactly the same way.

photo 4

Step 5. If you have enough time leave the hair like this for a little while until all the curls have cooled down. The longer you leave them the longer they will hold. When you are ready gently comb the curls out using a wide tooth comb. If they go back into the curl shape keep combing and pulling the hair down. Pull the hair down with your hand and spray the hair with a light weight hair spray.

Step 6. Apply a finishing cream to polish the curls and prevent frizz. Voila you have your Victoria Secret style sexy waves. Enjoy.

photo 5

Thank you to my sister Xenia for being my hair and makeup model for this blog.

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